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I guess, ideally, I would be making love to my girlfriend tonight in my huge house. However, I donÃÃ?Â?¢??t have a girlfriend, mostly because IÃÃ?Â?¢??m never home. So maybe this isnÃÃ?Â?¢??t ideal, but my girlfriend tonight is Madelyn Marie. SheÃÃ?Â?¢??s sexy, sweet, gentle: kind of like my girlfriend would beÃÃ?Â?¢?ÃÃ?Â?¦if I were ever home. At least this way my girlfriend is always in lingerie, canÃÃ?Â?¢??t wait to please me, and never needs anything outside the bedroom. IÃÃ?Â?¢??m sorry; I think I just said this wasnÃÃ?Â?¢??t ideal. I donÃÃ?Â?¢??t really know what I was thinking when I said that.

Published 3 years ago and last updated 3 years ago

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